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Jake Burton is the founder of Burton Snowboards. He founded it in 1977, and since then, snowboarding has never been the same. Burton is the biggest, and most influential brand in snowboarding. Check out the video below to find out more about how Jake started Burton, and how it rose to the top.

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A Solution to a Slippery Slope: CO2 Sleds on Mars?

Lights in the Dark

Ever since high-resolution images of Mars’ surface have become available, scientists have wondered about the cause of long gullies seen running down along the slopes of ridges and crater walls. Here on Earth such features are often created by water flowing downhill, carving channels as it goes — but on Earth similar features usually end in fans of deposited material, while on Mars the channels simply just… stop.

To search for an answer to this mystery, NASA researchers took a field trip to some southwestern sand dunes and saw what happened when they sent various materials sliding down the slopes. As it turns out, dry ice — that is, frozen carbon dioxide, which is plentiful on Mars — does a very nice impression of a sled, picking up considerable momentum on black diamond and bunny slopes alike. The reason? Sublimation creates a pocket of gas that the slab of solid…

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Splitboarding in the Aiguille Rouge, Chamonix

We love mountains

Splitboarding in the Aiguille Rouge in March was great this year. The huge volumes of smow even down to the valley level opened up so many options. The Go Pro edit below was from the couloir Lac Noir and a couple of other random couloirs in the area. We also ride down to the frozen snow covered Lac Noir on some slightly heavy powder slopes. I love skinning or riding across frozen lakes the perfect flatness combined with the irrational fear of falling in!

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Scots snowboarders create snow run in back garden

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Picture: HEMEDIA

A group have Scottish snownboard fans have shippedeight tonnes of snow down from the slopes of the Cairngorms to create a summer ski slope in a backgarden in Aviemore.

Mikey Jachacy, 31, and nine friends made several trips 2,000 feet up theslopes of the Cairngorm to pick up the white stuff after a lack of snowfall at his home.

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Golden girl Becky belies her age again with medal

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Becky Menday

Becky Menday

Snowboarding phenomenon Becky Menday belied her age yet again to win a gold medal at the inaugural England Slope Style Championships in Manchester at the weekend.

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Paragliding Photographer Captures Rare Shots from Above

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MacDonald says the wind direction was perfect for paragliding this sand dune in Mozambique.

Photographers who work outdoors will tell you they are willing to wait hours to capture their subject in perfect light conditions.
Adventure photographer Jody MacDonald not only needs ideal light, she also needs nearly perfect winds, considering she takes some of her photographs strapped into a paraglider.
“Weather is a massive factor with paragliding,” MacDonald explains. “Everywhere you paraglide in the world is drastically different.”


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Paragliding over Ölüdeniz, Turkey

Life of modern vegetarian

Paragliding over Ölüdeniz, Turkey

Such a great experience and what a view!

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Wheelchair-bound flier insists he is not disabled

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A British paraplegic pilot who flew from York, England to Sydney, Australia in a flimsy one-man aircraft in 2011 paid President George Abela a courtesy visit earlier today.

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