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Azerbaijan to host Climbing World Cup

Sykose Extreme Sports News

Azerbaijani capital Baku will host the eighth stage of the IFSC Climbing World Cup on June 22-23.

President of the IFSC European Council Wolfgang Webel said it will be the first major tournament on rock climbing to be held in the region.

Webel said this tournament will be the preparation for the 2015 European Olympic Games, which will take place in Baku.

According to the Azerbaijan Air and Extreme Sports Federation, Webel’s visit to Baku in April this year aimed to consider the inclusion of sport climbing in the list of the sports to be represented at the inaugural European Games.

The International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) is the main international body that supports the development of sport climbing worldwide. The Air and Extreme Sports Federation (FAIREX) represents Azerbaijan in this organization.

The national championships on sport climbing have been regularly held in Azerbaijan since 2009. Local and foreign…

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Insomnia Inducing Campsites

For 15 years of my life, I had a horrendous case of insomnia. Sleeping in the comforts of my own bed (which was during my high school years was a water bed), a restful night of sleep regularly eluded me. I memorized the Presidents backwards and forwards. Didn’t work. I memorized the Roman Emperors backwards and forwards. Didn’t work. I used to sit up reading Greek Mythology in the hopes that I’d be bored to sleep. Didn’t work. Turns out, I just needed to eat less carbs and start watching Sex in the City with my then girlfriend. I’ve slept like a baby ever since.

So, as I’ve become an adventurer, and especially as a mountain climber, I’ve found that there are places that are you are required to lay your head that are less than ideal for stretching out and getting some quality shut eye. Here are my two…

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Gray Fox Behavior


Gray foxes (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) are a bit different than the rest of their canine.  Maybe it is because they evolved before the red fox and the coyote or maybe they gained some of their cat-like characteristics back later in their evolutionary history, but the gray fox is the most catlike of all canids.

What really sets gray foxes apart is their ability to climb.  Unlike other canines gray foxes have semi-retractable claws that stay sharp and enable gray foxes to grasp tree trunks almost like a cat.  Gray foxes can also rotate their forearms and climb by grasping a tree with their forearms and pushing up with their hind feet.  They will climb as high as 50 or 60 feet and will jump from branch to branch while up in a tree. Gray foxes climb trees for many reasons, including resting, foraging, or escaping from other predators.  They…

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Rock Wall at University Gym

A Sunny Day at Haytor

Yankee in Brixham

Haytor, located on the eastern edge of Dartmoor and about forty to fifty minutes away from Brixham by car, is a site that I’ve visited often since I was a little kid. The most fun part is climbing the rock itself, and on a nice sunny day like the one we had this time, you get a gorgeous panoramic view of the moor. One face of Haytor is fairly easy to climb without equipment, and even has some steps built into the rock. However, some people who come to Haytor are looking for a bigger challenge, like the climbers in these photos who are scaling a more difficult side.

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