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Stop the dolphin slaughter in Taiji


wesley wang, wes wang

wesley wang the civilians wes wang


wesley wang the civilians wes wang

The Civilians is the center for investigative theater, supporting the development and production of new theater from creative inquiries into the most vital questions of the present. The Civilians expands the scope of American theater and champions innovation by tackling complex and under-explored subjects, enabling artists to enrich their processes through in-depth interaction with their topics, diversifying artistic voices and audiences, and integrating theater with new media. Development often involves community residencies, travel, face-to-face conversations, and extensive research. This high degree of engagement with the public continues into production, inviting the audience to be active participants through ongoing channels of dialogue. The company provides a home for a multi-disciplinary group of artists and partners with regional theater and arts presenters in New York, nationally, and internationally.

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wes wang, wesley wang

wes wang, wesley wang

wes wang, wesley wang.

Stop the dolphin slaughter in Taiji

Editors Choice of the Day


Sykose Extreme Sports News

Picture of a diver exploring Orda Cave in Russia

Orda Cave Russia (Photo Courtesy National Geographic)

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Go ride a kite; Homer Kite Fest 2013

Sykose Extreme Sports News

When kite-surfing enthusiast Trace Carlos joined friends and fellow kite surfers Traveler Terpening and Tom Fredericks to organize Homer’s first kite festival in 2008, none of them knew what kind of response they might get.
It turns out, quite a few people were interested, and organizers of Homer’s inaugural kite fest were impressed with such a positive response to a relatively new extreme sport.
It’s not so new anymore.

HOMER TRIBUNE/File Photos - A kite surfer in Kachemak Bay (ABOVE) is dwarfed by a passing cruise ship, while another kiter gets hooked in his harness

HOMER TRIBUNE/File Photos – A kite surfer in Kachemak Bay (ABOVE) is dwarfed by a passing cruise ship, while another kiter gets hooked in his harness (BELOW) before hitting the surf.

“This is our sixth year presenting the kite festival in Homer,” said organizer Trace Carlos. “We wanted to find a way to bring Alaska kite surfers together so we could get to know each other, trade tips and develop more contacts around the state.”
The festival also gives kiters an…

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The Art of Flight


Ahhhh, I love this movie. Here’s the trailer.

This movie is one I will have to watch multiple times. Once for just the story and snowboarding – because it’s pretty badass. But I think there are lots of other layers there – a desire to go out an experience life rather than living second hand, the fearlessness to just jump off a cliff and go without the ability to plan every last detail, the idea of watching for the ideal conditions but still going out and doing something when the ideal isn’t happening, the balance between risk-taking and being just stupid…yeah, I know it’s a snowboarding movie…

The opening lines from the movie are my favorite:

It’s funny whats happening to us. Our lives have become digital – our friends, now virtual and everything you could ever want to know is just a click away. Experiencing the world through this…

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Photography: Follow the Light


_sig_follow_the_lightThis photo was taken at Mt. High in the winter of 2010 while on a snowboarding trip with friends.

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